By: Blonde Two

There is a world of difference between walking somewhere and driving there. You can end up seeing things from such divergent angles, that you end up wondering if you are really where you think you are.

The driving route between Torquay and Totnes for example is a well-known one for me. I love Totnes market and am often to be found combining a rummage and a vegan lunch with some book deliveries to the most excellent Totnes Bookshop (which this summer had ‘Dart the River’ at number four on its best seller list!)dartriver

I have long intended to walk the route and was thrilled when Blonde One (B1) and Our-Scottish-Friend (OSF) said they would join me. I knew some bits of the of route and not others and, despite having a map (thanks Ordnance Survey), had a hard time working out which section of the road I was nearest to:

We walked first to Cockington (village of thatched tourism) where familiarity led to a navigation error! It was just as well OSF knew those particular lanes well. Plus if we hadn’t gone the wrong way, we wouldn’t have seen the Angel Tree!


The lanes were well-tended and the views back to the sea superb!


Next we walked across the fields, under the perfect clouds and steadily uphill to the ring road. Not very exciting, but  it was interesting to discover an underpass (but not underpants) that you can’t see from a car.

Then we walked through Marldon and up the steep hill behind the church. Marldon is a village that has spread out somewhat since its first invention, but still has a most excellent pub.


After that it was down into the dark lanes behind Berry Pomeroy Castle. I don’t like it there, I once took my Scouts at night and won’t be doing so again!


Eventually we arrived, down a lane that I didn’t even know existed, at Totnes. Here we are on the Brutus Bridge admiring a scene from ‘Dart the River’.


It was a great walk and only one of the many possible routes between Torquay and Totnes. Maybe we will go for a riverside one next!