By: Blonde Two

There has been a new and very welcome addition to the Blonde Ten Tors team this year. We have welcomed back one of our old Ten Tors students as a member of staff. He is most welcome and is proving to be very much an asset to the team.IMG_20150329_093807

As our newbie has become an avid Blonde Blog reader; we have decided that he deserves a Blonde name. We have christened him James Blonde.

This masterstroke of appellation took precisely 2.5 seconds to conceive; mainly because his name actually is James. James Bond (that other James that you may have heard of) is known for his macho, girl-getting, baddy-hitting, posh-car-driving sense of style. We prefer our very own James Blonde because:

He is usually smiling. Mr Bond is always far to pleased with himself to smile.

The youngsters think he is great. It is usually only M and beautiful girls who think Mr Bond is great.

He doesn’t require any particular stirring method for his martini. In fact, he appears to be quite happy with water.

He doesn’t insist on wearing a suit and leather bottomed shoes. I would like to see Mr Bond in a Dartmoor bog.

He knows his way around a map and compass. Mr Bond almost certainly relies on GPS technology from the Q department.

He tells a good story. Mr Bond’s stories would all be about himself.

I am sure you will agree that our own James Blonde is much more suited to Ten Tors life than the older and more set in his ways Mr Bond. James Blonde‘s path is set in a different direction to ours, but we hope that he stays for a while. Mainly because he makes fantastic coffee!!