By: Blonde Two

Blondees and Blondettes – The Jelly Babies of the UK have asked Blonde One and I to thank you for the selfless commitment and adventurous spirits that you have shown this weekend.  All over the UK, there are Jelly Babies who are sleeping happier in their rucksacks because they have had a weekend of adventure, fun and laughter.

There have, of course, been a few casualties along the way but I think lessons have been learnt (particularly by yellow) and I believe that the British Mountaineering Council are planning to introduce their new training course before next year’s event.  This will be the JGL or Jelly Group Leader – it will include all of the usual training modules, first aid, night navigation and group control.  To these will be added two new modules – deep water rescue (it has emerged that Jelly Babies can’t swim), hunger management (it is difficult to resist the odd munch of a foot) and hyperactivity control (too many yellow Jelly Babies have been misbehaved this weekend).

Someone has pointed out that yellow Jelly Babies are in fact Blondes.  This definitely has nothing to do with their misbehaviour and likelihood of getting into sticky situations. However, someone needs to look after all of those naughty Yellows out there and the Two Blondes have decided to adopt them as one of their emblems.  From now on, if you see a pair of yellow Jelly Babies left somewhere, you will know that the Two Blondes have recently visited.  Hopefully Fox Tor Cafe picked theirs up yesterday.

We Two Blondes can’t say thanks enough to all of you who have joined in for the fun it has been.  We had over 80 images uploaded to the site in the end and hopefully a few donations to Dartmoor Rescue (not too late  It wasn’t a competition but they have been so excellent and so diverse that I have put our Blonde Top Ten for you to have another smile at below.  Lets do it again soon!

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