By: Blonde Two

On our Blonde Bimble on Saturday, Blonde One and I were contemplating our Two Blondes empire.  Well “empire” is maybe over egging the pudding/custard (do you over-egg custard or pudding?) a bit – but for us, it feels a bit empire-like and we quite like the idea of being empresses.

Our main point of discussion centred around the query as to whether the Two Blondes was a job or a hobby.  It takes up enough (almost always enjoyable) time to be a job but brings in no money whatsoever. To be a Two Blonde, you have to think strategically like in a job but in a silly way – like a hobby.  A hobby should be fun – being a Two Blonde is definitely that and you should do it by choice – we usually choose to do stuff although maybe not the bogs and the shivering at night.

The job or hobby was becoming a very difficult decision to make so, about halfway through the Bimble, we decided to compromise.  It is now official that being the Two Blondes is both a job and a hobby.

This was where the real silliness started – you can’t call something a “job and hobby” so we decided to think of a suitable name for a bit of both.  You can probably guess which one had us doubled up in laughter mid-field … that’s right, the only word that we could come up with was “jobby”!  I must explain here to anyone who is not familiar with this particular piece of vernacular that a “jobby” is a poo.  Now there is plenty of poo up on Dartmoor and a few poo based incidents occur each year too but it just doesn’t sound quite right.

We tried “hob” (too kitcheny) and “hobnob” (too biscuity) but didn’t like either of them.  I am afraid my mind is firmly set on “jobby” (partly because it makes me laugh) but Blonde One doesn’t like it at all.

If anyone has got any great ideas as to what else we could call our “Jobby”, I would be very grateful to hear them otherwise I am going to spend a lot of time this year crying with laughter!