By: Blonde Two

Mr B2 and I have recently been playing the same game over and over. The game is called ‘sort out a date to…’, this is how you play it:

  1. Eat your dinner (very important to ‘carb-up’!)
  2. Clear the dishes (only one of you needs to do this).
  3. Get the calendar down off the wall.
  4. Look at the calendar, do some pointing, make some ‘hmm’ type noises.
  5. Talk about all of the things that you want to fit in.
  6. Put the calendar back onto the wall without any changes.

I am sure, at some point in your life, you have all played this game. It provides an odd mixture of excitement at having such a busy and fulfilling life and disappointment at not being able to fit anything else in.

July 2016 is a case in point, and includes the Cairngorms (holiday), a visit from Kiwi Uncle Norm, Exmoor (Gold DofE), a book launch, a navigation workshop and a visit from friends.

I can now declare that July is officially closed!