By: Blonde One

Tonight the Two Blondes decided that we would visit our favourite (but only for this time of year) spot on Dartmoor: the bluebells. Since we have had a busy week and have a very busy weekend ahead we decided to just go for a quick bimble after work and travel light. The plan was this: no rucksack, no walking clothing, boots, flask, back home before Mr Blondes One and Two got home from work. It started well as Blonde Two didn’t change clothing after work and I put on my walking shoes instead of boots. The flasks were filled and we were off. However, upon leaving the house, I decided that it would probably be best to take some water since it was quite hot. This then led to us deciding to take a small rucksack after all! I tried to leave the house again, only to realise that I would probably need my hayfever tablets. So I went back in again! I almost made it to the car after that, but soon realized that it would be silly to go out without tissues, so I popped back in again. (The Two Blondes have long ago decided that girls are good at faffing!) The last ’emergency’ trip back inside was the final time – camera. Eventually we got going. Numerous times during the walk we commented that streams were easier to leap, hills were quicker to climb and walking was generally more speedy without heavy rucksacks. We even suggested at one point that we obviously carry a lot of useless stuff in our big bags as we can obviously manage a walk without it all. It was probably at about this point that I decided to get my legs entangled with some brambles! The result was legs cut and bleeding from the little blighters. This was the exact point on the walk that we realised why we wear long walking trousers and carry first aid kits! Typical isn’t it? Just when you haven’t got something, you find that you need it. We then became even more determined to get back home in a reasonable time: needless to say, we didn’t manage that. 3 hours later we returned home deciding that we were very bad at bimbles, but we were determined to practice more and more.