By: Blonde One

I was right to be nervous about our adventure last night. Our most recent visit to the ‘demon full’ Shipley Bridge ended in disaster! I was stretchered off the moors with a sprained ankle by the Ashburton branch of Dartmoor Search and Rescue. My goodness, you might think, how much bad luck can a girl have in one place: it really is an unlucky spot. Shipley Bridge itself and the nearby Avon Dam and reservoir is a really lovely spot. Once you have walked up the road to the dam you are very quickly on a great part of the moors. There are some good level (ish) walks with far reaching views, next to a very pretty reservoir. Last night was no exception, the walk began well with some great company and a night sky to take your breath away. Even though it was dark we still could appreciate how beautiful the location was as the stars and moon were lighting our paths. However, things soon took a very sinister turn! Firstly the Two Blondes foolishly got separated. We were not alone but not being together does tend to throw us into a bit of a tailspin at times. Then I stupidly sprained my ankle which left me unable to walk. The Search and Rescue team were soon with me and very confidently took control.

It was definitely a night to remember – luckily for the right reasons: the Two Blondes were actually acting as casualties for the Search and Rescue Team’s weekly training night! It was the best night’s walking I have had for ages. Watch this space for a full account of our adventure.