By: Blonde Two

I am a careful sort and my love of hill walking has led to a desire to be prepared for emergencies wherever I am.  Some might argue however, that refusing to fly without a compass in my hand luggage is taking things too far.

The plane crash scenario goes a bit like this (in my head anyway):  Plane crashes in a strange wilderness leaving some bruised but quite happy survivors, Blonde Two uses her knowledge of emergency survival (remember, this is in my head) to gather rations and equipment together, Blonde Two is then the only one who can use a compass and leads the party to safety, thus becoming a heroine and having a great story to tell her grandchildren (no I haven’t got any, nowhere near old enough!)

My family like to laugh at me and point out that the chances of actually surviving a plane crash are minimal.  Hopefully I will never have to prove them wrong but I do always travel with my trusty compass just in case.