By: Blonde Two

After a chance encounter in Cotswold Outdoor, we Blondes have recently been sent two pairs of lovely Keen boots to put through their paces. As you can see, we are going to have a bit of a morning-after-the-tent-before issue because all four boots are the same colour and the same size. Still it won’t be as bad as the time we left the tent leaving poor Little-Miss-Blonde needing the loo and with no boots at all (sometimes it is handy having the same sized feet, sometimes it is not!)

Our true boot testing will of course take place on Dartmoor. We decided though that we could undertake test one (waterproofing) just as well in the sea as in a bog. So we spent some time playing Canute with the tide (I wrote a blog post about ‘Canuting‘ a while ago). Playing Canute involved sitting on a rock with our coffee and watching the tide gradually come up over our new Keen boots.


I am pleased to announce that:

a) We did finish our coffee before we drowned.

b) We didn’t actually drown at all.

c) Neither of us got wet feet. Which means that the Keen waterproofing must be pretty good.

We shall be doing some more Keen boot testing soon (these were the Aphlex) range and are also available in a slightly less purple shade.

PS If you too want to dunk your boots in the sea, we recommend giving them a good rinse afterwards to get the salt off.