By: Blonde Two

You know how the universe is supposed to be expanding? Well, we Blondes are becoming more and more convinced that it is actually shrinking. Here is a little story to prove my point:

1. A nice lady (let’s call her Katie) contacts Sarah at Gift Your Gear because she has some sleeping bags and boots that she would like to give to a good home.
2. Sarah gives Katie the Two Blondes’ email address.
3. Katie emails the Two Blondes offering the gear.
4. Blonde Two emails Katie to say, ‘Yes please lovely lady but where are you?’
5. Katie replies that she lives in the same town as Blonde Two.
6. Blonde Two asks, ‘When can I come and collect the gear?”
7. Katie replies, ‘Come on Friday, my husband will be home .’
8. Blonde Two texts Katie’s husband to arrange pick-up.
9. Blonde Two arrives at house (just round the corner) and meets Katie’s husband (let’s call him Arthur).
10. Blonde Two recognises Arthur but thinks, ‘Surely not!’
11. Turns out that Arthur is a member of the Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue team and has, in fact, come to Blonde Two’s mock-rescue on a couple of occasions.
12. Turns out that Arthur’s mum works in the same establishment as Blonde One and Blonde Two and is also very lovely.

I told you that the Blonde world was shrinking!

GIFT YOUR GEAR has helped the Two Blondes and their youngsters to find kit many times now.  Our squad have been warm, dry and comfortable in the worst of Dartmoor’s weather.  It is a simple, but very excellent scheme. People donate their unwanted outdoor gear and it gets distributed to youngsters who need it.Gift Your Gear 4764762

ROHAN are doing their part once more and all through March, if you take your preloved outdoor gear to them, they will give you a 15% discount on a purchase that you make on that day.

Go on … you know you want to!!