By: Blonde Two

Whilst we Blondes were out on this year’s final Ten Tors training weekend, the opportunity presented itself for me to return a couple of boot related favours that Blonde One did for me a few moons ago.

Favour One: Six-Foot-Blonde was being trained for Ten Tors by Blonde One. You don’t get to be Six-Foot without your feet growing very quickly, and his were in the process of doing just that. Circumstances led to him requiring some new and longer boots mid training weekend. We met Blonde One at Shipley Bridge and she agreed to deliver the new boots but had to put up with a pair of Six-Foot boots kicking her on the bottom all the way back up to the team.

Favour Two: When I broke my ankle and was rescued by the Devon Air Ambulance; they very kindly took me and my rucksack and only one of my boots to hospital. Poor old Blonde One was once again left with a spare boot that needed carrying, and which kicked her once again on the bottom.

Repayment: Little-Miss-Blonde, Blonde One and I walked up a tor to meet a team. We were early and Little-Miss-Blonde (brave girl) decided that she would like to have a run, and executed a quick footwear exchange. Thinking that she was going to keep the trainers on when she had finished her run, I offered to carry her boots tied to the back of my rucksack. It was only going to be a short walk, but I was thinking that a bit of repayment bottom kicking might occur.


Sadly, circumstances conspired to mean that Little-Miss-Blonde needed to put her boots back on her feet, and I had no opportunity to repay the bottom kicking favour. Maybe another day!