By: Blonde One

If you’ve ever walking in Princetown at the back of the Plume of Feathers pub on the track to South Hessary Tor you have probably come very close to some killer sheep! Yes, I know, it sounds incredible that on Dartmoor, so close to civilisation, there are some dangerous wild animals lurking around the corner! Let me explain.

I was sat with a walking companion on a little granite bench having my salt and vinegar crinkle cut crisps one Sunday afternoon waiting for a group of kids to come through, when a little woolly face appeared over the wall – I think he had heard the rustle of the crisp packet and come to make sure that they weren’t lamb flavour. We very politely said hello without realising the menace that lurked beneath the cute exterior. Very soon a few more sheeps faces appeared in a row over the wall. When they starting ‘baaing’ we soon realised that they were giving the ‘call to arms’ to their mates on the other side of the path, behind us. Before we knew it we were being watched from both sides. We were feeling slightly nervous at this point but tried to pretend we were fine, giving nervous laughs. The ring leader must have then given the attack signal (I don’t know what this is as I don’t speak sheep) as the sheep from the first field started to scramble over the wall! We quickly packed up our crisps and headed off down the track to the gate, whilst being closely followed by some trotting sheep. Now I may not speak sheep but I could tell that they had bad intentions. We tried shouting “mint sauce” and “roast lamb” in the hope that that would stop them, but it was clear that they don’t speak human either! Our pace increased until the gate was in sight, but more importantly there was a man and a dog coming the other way. Our hero, we thought! By this time our pace was at a jog, in an effort to outrun the little flock of killer sheep at our heals. When we got closer to the man and his dog we were dismayed to realise that he was wetting himself laughing! Instead of being our saviour he was too busy laughing at our plight! Despite this lack of assistance we reached the sanctuary of the gate, managed to get through it to safety and then watched the sheep saunter up to the gate, transformed to once again become the gentle fluffy creatures that we first thought they were! So beware, if you’re out walking in this area, don’t eat salt and vinegar crinkle cut crisps!

I have since wondered if this is the sort of rescue that the Dartmoor Rescue team get called to?!