By: Blonde One

Kit lists are a lovely invention. It is no wonder that us outdoorsy folks like a good list. We insist on having a specific kit list for every activity and for as long as I can remember, I have loved them. Maybe it’s the fact that when I have a kit list it usually results in at least one trip to the shops. Or it could be that it’s just a list, and we all know how much the Two Blondes love them. Or perhaps it’s the sense of excitement as it means there is a trip coming up. Maybe it’s because a kit list will remind me of trips when I was young: either a Guides camp or a school residential.

Whatever the reason, I do love them a lot. I have a new kit list to look at now, as I begin to count down the days till I go to Morocco (36 incidentally!). This kit list is amazing – it is full of things that I don’t have, which means I can have a guilt free trip to my favourite outdoor shop. I haven’t been to this shop for quite some time as it’s quite a drive away but I feel it is necessary this time. I can feel the excitement building already! I wonder if the DofE and Ten Tors kids that we take out get the same feeling when we present them with their kit lists? I must remember to ask them … or would that make me seem a bit odd?!