By: Blonde Two

If you remember (come on guys, it was only two days ago), on Thursday the Two Blondes started a rather silly game.  The idea was that we would both try to wear our outdoor kit to work without the other one noticing.

I thought you might like an update (we would love to hear how anyone else got on). Both Blondes arrived at work at around the same ungodly hour of darkness yesterday morning. Typically (and not really all that stealthily) we opted for the same piece of kit and were both happily wearing a walking thermal top underneath our “girl clothes” (walking kit always makes us smile).  I had been slightly concerned though about this choice as work tends to be over warm and I often spend a lot of time walking up and down corridors.  Sweat when out on the moors is almost compulsory but perspiring (I refuse to “glow” despite what the scientists say at work really is a career no-no.

As it turned out, the Two Blondes’ choice of clothing was exactly right as work was experiencing a power cut.  The heating was not on but thanks to careful subconscious planning and unsurprising synchronicity, both Blondes were cosy and did not need to accept the many offers of “snuggling up” that came their way (I think I may have made that last bit up!)

The game continues!