By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes are well and truly back at work after their Christmas break.  It isn’t really that much fun but we are optimistic as 2014 is going to hold lots of lovely expeditions, mostly to Dartmoor but we are being daring and venturing a bit further afield for some of them.  This is very exciting, as you know, people from Devonshire can get a bit twitchy about going anywhere “up-country”.

I have been trying to think of ways of making the “back at work” thing a little bit more entertaining and have come up with something I am pretty pleased with.  It is a challenge for Blonde One and requires a modicum of stealth and some walking kit.  The idea is that Blondes One and Two both both try to wear some of their favourite walking kit to work but without the other one noticing.  For example, if Blonde One managed to wear a pair of black muddy gaiters over her rather smart beige heels and I didn’t find her out, she would score a “kit smuggling” point over me.  It would have to be a particularly busy day for me not to notice the gaiters but, with a bit of creativity, I think this game could be good fun.

So how about it Blonde One – are you up for the January Kit Smuggling Challenge?