By: Blonde One

There are times in life when determination and tenacity are key qualities. The Two Blondes have shown on many occasions that we are a determined (stubborn) pair: succeeding in night navigation, gaining WGL, introducing DofE to an establishment, blogging, etc, etc. I have proved to myself in Morocco how determined I am, as I battled with altitude sickness to reach the summit. All of the weeks and months of self-doubt disappeared as I managed to ‘dig-in’ and get on with the job in hand. I have always been an advocate of aiming high in life and working hard to achieve big ambitions. I learned many, many things whilst on this trip but perhaps the biggest thing I learned was that it takes a far greater amount of guts to know when enough is enough and to admit defeat. On two occasions I saw youngsters battle with their own insecurities and been totally consumed by fear and panic and to have to realise that they had bitten off more than they could chew. The two youngsters tried their very best in their separate challenges and after a heroic battle with themselves decided it was time to stop trying. On both occasions I witnessed a calm come over the individual at the point of decision in total contrast to the turmoil of a few seconds earlier. Their very personal decision was clearly the right one for them. I have admiration for them for being able to make such a decision which was witnessed and perhaps misunderstood by 14 of their peers.

I remain convinced that one must always aim high and strive to achieve great things but perhaps after this trip I will be more understanding of what appears to be giving up.