By: Blonde Two

Ladies Navigation Courses on Dartmoor

We Blondes have enjoyed running many successful navigation training courses on Dartmoor and beyond but amongst our favourites are those that we run for ladies only. Learning to navigate not only keeps you safe but navigation courses on Dartmoor can also lead to a far more interesting walking experience because you will have to experience to walk safely off the beaten track.

Why is navigation training so important?

  • Navigation training is one of the key ways that you can make sure you are safe out on some of the stunning mountain, coast, hill or lowland walks that the UK has to offer
  • Navigation training gives you safe access to more remote walks and can get you away from the crowds
  • Navigation training allows you to explore as you want to and find your own ‘secret places’

Why ladies only navigation courses?

  • The most common comment our ladies make is, ‘My husband always has the map’
  • Ladies who have undertaken navigation training are just as capable of finding their way when they are out walking as men
  • Knowing how to navigate gives a most satisfying level of self-confidence and independence
  • There is a lady/map reading myth that really does need debunking
  • Knowing how to navigate using a map and compass can lead to even more exciting activities such as wild camping (yes, ladies can do that on their own too)

Can navigation help me do some of Britain’s 100 Walks?

  • Absolutely it can, all of the walks on ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100 would offer some opportunity to use a map and compass (even in London)
  • For some of Britain’s Favourite walks, the only safe way to tackle them is with map and compass navigation skills
  • Getting lost on some of the UK’s hills and mountains is a dangerous business. Mountain Rescue callout numbers are rocketing because people are setting out poorly prepared and without the skills to get themselves out of trouble
  • If you want to take a look at the routes for some of Britain’s Favourite 100 Walks, Ordnance Survey has them all available. OS Maps is a brilliant, subscription-based mapping app that allows you to follow a route on your device but we would always recommend map and compass skills as a backup

How do I join one of your navigation training courses?

  • Take a look at our Navigation Workshops page and choose a course that suits you
  • Email us for more information or to make a booking
  • Ask us some questions about putting on a bespoke course to suit your group’s needs
  • Our next ladies-only navigation workshop is Saturday 9th June (Dartmoor)
  • email now to book

Do you run Dartmoor navigation courses for men as well?

  • We run regular mixed navigation training courses as well as our ladies only courses
  • We can offer night navigation training, beginner navigation training and wild camping training
  • We are very nice to our men as well as our ladies
  • Our next mixed beginners’ navigation workshop is Saturday 30th June (Dartmoor) email now to book