By: Blonde One

After a long spell away from the moors, it wasn’t just The Two Blondes who felt at home being back! The Blonde-mobile, the lovely Landy was, I’m sure happy to have returned to the very terrain that it was bought for. I may have mentioned before that I love my Landy! Cars have always been a necessary evil as far as I’ve been concerned. They got me from A to B and I didn’t really care for them at all … until now! Driving now is a whole different experience and I was really pleased when Blonde Two text me on Saturday morning checking if I would mind driving. Of course I wouldn’t mind driving. Apparently the Blonde Two-mobile was too cool to come out! Or was it that it had a coolant issue?!

The drive up to Princetown was great and the Landy was perfect. I found that I was no longer a bit nervous of driving through massive puddles (it’s a very long story to explain why I was nervous), the lumpy road down to Whiteworks was a pleasure to drive down and we bounced along happily, and the rocky parking area was no longer a problem. It was all just fine and dandy. My old car had a nasty habit of getting very steamed up when a pile of wet clothes was dumped in it after a rainy walk and The Two Blondes have had many journeys where we are having to de-mist constantly. Sometimes we couldn’t distinguish between the fog outside and the condensation inside. The Landy however, gave us no such hassle. With the press of a few buttons and the twirl of a dial, we were good to go!

I could go on for ages about my lovely Landy but fear that I run the risk of making myself sound a little sad. There is just one question that The Two Blondes need to know the answer to: will we get an electric shock if we use the heated seats with wet trousers?!