By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes went out for a lovely walk after work yesterday – it wasn’t even raining. We went hunting for bluebells but I will tell you more about that tomorrow as I want to add a photo and “ye oldie bluetoothie” isn’t working too well at the moment.

Our walk was well overdue as we haven’t been out on our own for quite a while now.  We walked and talked, had a cup of tea and shared some “end of season” emergency snacks.  These snacks looked well past their best having been in the bottom of our rucksacks for nearly a year.  Before we knew it, we were two hours from the car and starting to feel the need for more to eat than a squashed chocolate bar and some slightly soft cashew nuts.

With the promise of a pub meal at the end of it, the walk back didn’t take anywhere near as long and we soon found ourselves back in the car heading for Widecombe.  Once we had wandered around the pub pointing out tables and then rejecting them for various reasons (too close to loo, too far away from loo, too draughty etc) a couple of time, we settled down and took a look at the menu.

By this time, it was getting quite late and every single thing on the menu sounded fantastic. But then a strange Two Blondes phenomena kicked in – I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but we always end up eating the same meal.  Once Blonde One had suggested lasagne, I knew that I had to have it too – it became exactly the food that I needed.  We even shared a bowl of chips (well, we had walked for three hours!)

I have no idea why this phenomena occurs with Blonde One.  I don’t do it with anyone else, when I eat out with Mr Blonde Two, I like to have something different so that I can taste his dinner too.  Whatever the reason, it was lovely and exactly the right thing to eat.  We were quite late home because we sat and chatted for long but I am already looking forward to doing it all again.  Maybe ham, egg and chips this time …. (who am I kidding, our next meal together will be camp food – more expeditioning this weekend!)