By: Blonde Two

Have you noticed dear Blondees and Blondettes, that my blog posts are getting later and later at night?  That is because these Isle of Man days are getting longer and longer.  I have so much to tell you but Big Orange (who is way too warm for this climate) is calling me from my tent.  Here are the day’s highlights:

1.  The Blonde Gold team finished their 94km over four days in fine style in Ramsey.  Their achievement is magnificent given the heat, the height and the weight of their bags.

2.  I have never been near to people that smell so bad before and have just spent an hour rinsing out stinky clothing so that I don’t have to share a minibus with it for six plus hours.

3.  It is possible to cook a Mexican banquet on a camp stove but be warned, check out which gas bottles are available on the Isle of Man before you travel (or bring plenty of gas).

4.  I am not sure that ten o’clock at night is the right time to start a table tennis tournament but I am being called for my turn.  This shouldn’t take long!

See you tomorrow!