By: Blonde Two

Would you like to learn to navigate the Blonde way? It will be fun, I promise!

“Compass, bearing, bezel, height gain, housing, direction of travel, navigation, romer, pace, timing, contour, grid, magnetic.

These words are all part of the vocabulary of navigation. They are music to Blonde ears; and we have spent some of our best days out on Dartmoor surrounded by them.

And now we would like to share them with you.


This summer The Two Blondes will be working in conjunction with Dartmoor National Park and offering three all day ‘Start to Navigate’ workshops, for those who want to learn to find their way safely off and back onto the beaten path. Have fun while gaining confidence! No previous experience necessary.

Why are we doing it? Well, we want to inspire as many of you as possible to Get Outside on Dartmoor, and we want to teach you how to do it safely. Here are those important dates:

Saturday 18th June (ladies only – none of those scary, macho outdoor blokes – just us girls!)

Monday 25th July (family session – bring the kids and learn how to navigate together.)

Saturday 3rd September (family session – bring the kids and let them prove they are better at it than you are!)

Costs: Adults (18+) £15; children (under 18) £10; family (2 adults/2 children) £35. For more information contact the National Park Centre, Princetown. Tel: (01822) 890414. Email:

We are looking forward to meeting you …