By: Blonde Two

Can you smell it?  You must be able to, it is in the air, in the ground and in the trees. It is on its way.  That hint of mustiness, the aroma of soil preparing to absorb that which it has grown and the damp frigidity in the air.  You have to love Autumn, all those chilly walks and excuses to light the fire afterwards.

For those whose noses aren’t as over-active as mine, you might be aware of a few other Autumn indicators; apples, drizzle, cardigans – that sort of thing.  Here is one of my regular Autumn indicators, it is just starting to do its mellow fruitful thing.DSC_2319This Virginia Creeper (type carefully Blonde Two) is beautiful but short lived in its scarlet form.  As contrary as a Blonde; one day camouflaged to match the hills, the next out on the town in a bold scarlet coat and then suddenly, in an instant, the clothes are off (well that last bit has not happened on Dartmoor to date but you never know!)  The date that this particular Virginia Creeper stripped off last year was September 25th, definitely Autumn.  Do you think this Autumn will be earlier or later?