By: Blonde One

The two Blondes, you may have noticed, are particularly good at inventing new words. I would like to introduce you to a Blonde One family invented word: lendies. This word describes the act of lending something. Here’s how to use it … ‘I’ve forgotten my gloves, can we do lendies’. Last weekend lendies was happening in abundance.

The Dartmoor weather was at its most horrid and our Ten Tors teams put their own kit thoroughly through their paces. Unfortunately some kit proved not to be up to the job. In steps Blonde One to do lendies. Here’s the list of the lendies: gloves, socks, waterproof trousers, second pair of gloves, coat, fleece, Jet boil, thermarest and second pair of socks. There is one last item of lendies that I can hardly bear to recollect. I have one piece of walking kit that I am very attached to and that are a happy reminder of expeditions near and far. I can’t believe I actually did it but I ended up lending my boots! They came back wet through and covered in Dartmoor’s most smelly bog. It is a measure of how I feel about the recipient of this particular lendie; I definitely wouldn’t lend my boots to just anyone!

The result of me doing all these lendies of spare kit was that when we finally settled into the Blonde tent for the night, Blonde Two had to do lendies as I found that I was a bit chilly without all my spare kit!