By: Blonde One

DSC01965  DSC01968

Over our various camping trips we have tried and tested various kinds of light. We’ve had headtorches, gas lamps, handheld torches, and a variety of Led lights. Some have lit up our tent brilliantly, but only for a short time, some have not been bright enough, some have run out of gas and some have been too heavy to carry in our rucksacks. Between us we have enough lights to rival Blackpool! A recent purchase has been most satisfactory and, dare I say it, almost perfect! This light does not require batteries or gas: it’s solar powered. It is quite bright, with 3 settings: bright, brighter and flashing. It is lightweight and small: it inflates with a few puffs from its flatpack state to a decent size. And lastly it has a handy handle so that it can hang on a tent.

One of the best things about it is its name. The name on it is Luci: some pronounce it Lucky, but I prefer to call it Lucy!