By: Blonde Two

One of the things that I love about the sea is the tide. Whatever time you visit, however closely you check the tide times, you can be sure of a different vista and swimming experience because of the influence of the tides.

I love high tide because I can swim in deep, clear water straight from the prom.

I love low tide because I have to paddle and I get to swim over the seagrass.

I love mid tide because I get (if I haven’t checked the tide times – which can be a silly choice) the chance to guess whether or not the tide is coming in or going out.

My favourite tide, however, is definitely the one that is rushing in. Even on a girl-wearing-a-dress day, I can’t resist paddling as the sea encroaches on my toes (and on a recent occasion on my hem).

There’s lots to know about the tide… watch this blog space for a Tidal Tuesday’s Ten! In the meantime, thank you, Mr Moon, you’ve had more influence on me than you might think