By: Blonde Two

Blonde One’s post yesterday about our accommodation on the Isles of Scilly for the Walk Scilly festival, reminded me of a night we spent together earlier this year.

As you may have gathered, B1 and I have spent more nights together than the average Blondes. We have shared bunk beds (B1 goes on top because I am hopeless at climbing), hotel rooms (we take it in turns to choose beds) and many different sized tents.

We had never (until this particular night) had to share a double bed before. It was bound to happen sooner or later (despite B1 insisting that she would never do such a thing) and there we were, it was the floor for one of us or the double duvet for both!

It didn’t start too well because when B1 tentatively asked me which side of the bed I usually slept, I got a bit muddled up. When with Mr B2 I sleep on the left but in Blonde tradition, I always have the right-hand side of the tent. As I was sitting on a double bed (something we don’t often have in our tent) I answered ‘left’ to B1’s query. It was only later that we realised this mistake and we had to swap sides, pillows and various bedside sundries (Blondes have a lot of bedside sundries).

The other thing that went a bit wrong was our embarrassment when it came to actual bedtime. Bearing in mind that we have shared tents that are far smaller than a double bed, this may seem odd, but we both were a lot quieter than usual. In fact, instead of the half hour chatter that usually occurs once we are snuggled in our sleeping bags (this can also take half an hour), all we managed to say to each other from the other side of the double duvet was, ‘goodnight’!

I think it is safe to say that we have both slept better on a freezing cold February night in an icy tent. There was far too much trying not to touch each other (again silly because we often slide into each other in the tent) to allow for actual relaxation.

It all made for a lot of laughter the next morning! Once a cup of coffee had opened our bleary eyes! The phrase, ‘let’s never speak of this!’ kept running around my head!