By: Blonde Two

Dear Madam

May I start this letter by showing my appreciation of your wide open spaces, your wildlife and your history.  You are a truly magnificent National Park and we consider ourselves most fortunate to have access to your tors and rivers.

However, I feel that I must point out that in recent years, your organisational skills appear to have been slipping.  I feel sure that the Army would have emailed you at some key point last year and mentioned that 2,000 young people were planning to expedition across your lofty hills and muddied vales leaving their assembled adults to languish at Okehampton Camp.  I am also sure, that, being the Army, they would have but in an order for exactly the type of weather required for this event.

I am presuming that, for two years running now, your chaps at Organisation Tor have either lost the memo or put the wrong date into your moor calendar.  As the requested sunshine has arrived either side of a Ten Tors weekend which has experienced, quite frankly, appalling weather conditions.

This has been a major inconvenience to us Blondes as we have had to dry an enormous collection of wet tents and are still mopping mud off our other equipment. Please could you ensure next year that you check your dates and ensure better weather performance.

I attach the list of further Blonde expedition dates for 2014.  I am sure that Blonde One (who offers lessons in organisation should you require them) has already sent these to you.  Please could you ensure sunshine, a light breeze and warm nights for all of these expeditions.

Many thanks

The Two Blondes

PS  Thank you for the bluebells, I understand they are spectacular this year.