By: Blonde Two

When Blonde One and I went to de-decorate (undecorate? discorate?) The Dartmoor Christmas Tree on Sunday, we decided that some help was needed so we enlisted the help of Not-at-all-Blonde and Little-Miss-Blonde.

It was a very pleasant, but quite odd experience. They were very helpful with the tree but when it came to the afterwards cup of coffee and biscuits, we hit problems.

Tree has a very convenient Blonde seating bench. It is just underneath him and almost exactly faces the sunset (which, as we all know, is Westish). We Two Blondes usually just sit down on it, each Blonde in her allocated place, her delicate buttocks cushioned by a foam mat. With four of us and only two “sitters” however, it all got a bit complicated and I think we swapped places about four times until eventually the right Blonde was sitting on the right rock, next to the right flask!

The Young-Blondes took over the navigating on the way home. And did very well at saying, “It’s down here.” and walking off down the clearly marked path! We are going to challenge their Blondeness with some night navigation soon!

Obviously, being Blonde, the Young-Blondes wanted to go to Fox Tor Cafe for lunch. Also being Blonde, the Older-Blondes took the scenic route round in the car (this may, or may not have been on purpose). It was noted that only the Older-Blondes arrived at Fox Tor cafe with funds to pay for the requested lunch!

It was at this point that we tested the Young Blondeness by making them choose a table (we had not previously considered where a Position-of-Power for four might be). The Young-Blondes did very well, maybe aided by the fact that Fox Tor was so full that there was only one table available.

Most of the Blondes chose the same, chip based lunch (of course). For me the weirdest moment was when Little-Miss-Blonde and Not-at-all-Blonde went up to the counter to order said lunch. Blonde One and I agreed that it was like looking at ourselves, as they had their money discussions and juggled money-off vouchers and coffee loyalty cards.

Two new Blondes in training. Judging by the amount of giggling that was had  by all, I think they are shaping up nicely!