By: Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two was looking a bit on the weary side last night.  He had been, along with an awful lot of other lycra clad chaps and chappesses up to see the finish of Devon leg of the Tour of Britain.  It all looked very exciting and I was a bit envious (not of the wearing lycra bit!)  Considering that Haytor is the nearest bit of Dartmoor to us, Mr Blonde Two had cycled a rather long way around (68 miles) to get there.  He wan’t the only one to take a long diversion, when he got to Fox Tor cafe in Princetown, the queue was out of the door.

Mr Blonde Two’s behaviour is a classic example of someone maybe going just that little bit too far.  You know the sort of thing; there you are at home, wine in hand, looking at the map and drawing pencil lines and then suddenly, you are out on the moor tired out and wishing you had chosen a shorter route.  It happens to me a lot but usually only when out walking.

At the moment however, it would appear that the rest of my life is echoing my route planning over estimations.  Last year was a busy one for both of the Two Blondes but instead of cutting back a bit, we have apparently taken on even more.  More expeditions, more Dartmoor and more responsibility.  I am not sure quite how this happened but at the moment, I can’t even face putting all of the dates onto a calendar.

I guess we won’t know until this time next year if we have bitten off more than we can chew but if you look at life as being one big Jelly Baby, too much to chew might not turn out to be too bad at all!