By: Blonde Two

As you may or may not remember, the Two Blondes have christened Blonde One’s lovely daughter “Little Miss Blonde”.  As a big fan of the Mr Men (originals are best), this prompted me yesterday to look up and see if Mr Hargreaves had already invented this ditsy Mr Man (Miss Man).

Sadly, I was disappointed in my search so I switched instead to finding a couple of Little Misses who could represent the Two Blondes.  There were some definitely unsuitable candidates, all Blonde;

Little Miss Brainy – she always has something clever to say.  We Two Blondes love to talk (hence the blog) but I am certain that 89% of what comes out of our mouths or from our typing fingers is complete and utter nonsense.  Neither of us are this little lady.

Little Miss Splendid – sounds like a bit of a snob to me.  She has a gold bath and likes to wear her lovely hat into town.  The Two Blondes are more used to woolly hats and a wet wipe around the important bits – this level of luxury is not for us.

Little Missed Period – I am almost certain that this one is made up.  Whether she is real or not, she doesn’t look very happy and I think that we are both unlikely to be having that kind of surprise.  Apart from anything else, we don’t spend enough time at home …

So those are the rejections but I think I have found the perfect Little Misses for the Two Blondes – see what you think …

Little Miss Sunshine – this is definitely Blonde One, she loves to play “Pollyanna” and find the positive in every situation.  Little Miss Sunshine changed “Misery Land” into “Laughter Land” – something the Two Blondes seem to do a lot just by being silly.

Little Miss Curious – this must be me.  I can’t stick to a route without finding the “interesting” landmark on the map (neither of us can).  I also like to know everything about as many things as possible.  Obviously, the result of this is that I know a tiny bit about lots of things but there you go.

My favourite Mr Man used to be Mr Bump who was somewhat accident prone but since I broke my ankle up on Dartmoor, I have avoided associating myself with him.  Who wants to be blue and covered in bandages all of the time?