By: Blonde Two

I did something really radical last weekend, it was risky and required a bit of prior planning.  Wait for it Blondees and Blondettes, I took a big camping stove to a wild camp!  We Two Blondes are usually very good “get-it-all-in-a-rucksack” campers but I think we had been spoilt by our faux-glamping experience the weekend before and I decided that I like being able to boil more than one cup of water at once.

It was, in reality, not a true wild camp because we camped right next to our minibus. This meant that it was no problem to carry a larger stove and my lovely Zebra billy can (no, it is not made out of real zebras) over to the tent.  This plan seemed good, we could boil water for two porridges, two coffees and two flasks of Ribena (ask Blonde One about that) whilst packing up/seeing to the kids/taking dawn pictures.

The evening cup of coffee went well – water boiled while we pitched tents, everyone bought a cup over and I made drinks using the jug that I had just remembered to bring.  Pouring boiling water straight from a billy can into narrow camp cups can be risky!  In the morning, however, it was a different matter.  There was a combination of two issues – the stove was slower (because it was much colder) and we were more impatient (because it was much colder).  We ended up balancing the billy can on a smaller stove where it boiled quite quickly.

I like the communal large stove idea but am still undecided about whether or not to take it with us for our next camp on Saturday.  We are not camping exactly next to the bus so it will have to be carried (the billy fits into my rucksack).  We have more camp time so it would be nice.  My main issue with the whole idea though is that because it was my stove, I ended up making all of the hot drinks.  I wouldn’t usually mind about this but being a Blonde and being a girl in a slightly macho world, you have to be careful about being seen as the tea lady …