By: Blonde Two

This week I took a little trip to London. It was successful and I’ll tell you more about it sometime. I have to say though, that it was a mighty relief to step off the train and smell Devon air when I got home.

This Blonde finds London completely and utterly bemusing. Well, not the tube, I can do the tube (probably because there is a map involved). What I need to do is buy an overland map of London, something like OL28 (Dartmoor) but with street names. I got lost again (several times). An eighteen minute journey on foot took me an hour and a half, and it was raining, and there were enormous puddles, and millions of cars, and umbrellas (oh the umbrellas), and cigarette smoke. Plus when the road said ‘Look Right’, the cars came from the left and when there was a cycle lane, the cyclists didn’t use it, and they sometimes crossed pedestrian crossings the car way when there was a green man.

But then, after a night’s (nearly) sleep, I stumbled into Regent’s Park and was instantly transported into a world of calm, orderliness and municipal bedding. Only this was municipal bedding on steroids, so beautifully crafted that I wondered for a moment if I had landed in the middle of the Chelsea Flower Show (if only I knew where Chelsea was).


A cup of coffee, a pastry (naughty) and a wander along the park’s avenues did me the power of good and I stopped feeling quite so sorry for the people who have to live in London. Did you know that 47% of London is green space and that there are eight million trees? I wonder how the percentages would work out in relation to the population. How many square metres would each person have and how many trees? I did try to do the maths, but failed. The website of Greenspace Information for Greater London  might help and definitely makes interesting reading.


David Ellison is well known for his suggestion that London’s green spaces become a ‘National Park City’. I tossed the idea aside when I first heard it but can see his point now. Read what The Ecologist has to say about it here.