By: Blonde Two

You may remember dear Blondees and Blondettes that a few weeks ago, the Two Blondes had lunch with a fellow walkist.  This walkist was an impressive chap, not least because he has complete the LEJOG walk.  (Look it up!  I didn’t know what it meant at first either.)

We Blondes bimble a lot but we often talk about longer distance walks that we would like to do.  So far, we haven’t even found time to do our North to South Dartmoor route that we have been planning for years.

If we did have time though, there are three long distance walks that I would love to be able to look back on and say that I had done;

1.  The Milford Track – New Zealand, South Island.

Distance – 53.5 km (4 days).  Sleeping – booked huts.  Reasons to go – a) Pretty much everything in New Zealand is amazing.  b) My cousin has done it and I don’t like to be outdone.  Reasons not to go – a) Someone would have to blindfold me to get me across a swing bridge.  b)  Sandflies.

2.  Laugavegurinn Hiking Trail, Iceland.

Distance – 55 km (4 days).  Sleeping – booked huts.  Reasons to go – a) Glaciers and hotsprings.  b) Nowhere I have ever been has seemed as wild as Iceland.  Reasons not to go – a) Every place name is impossible to pronounce  b)  The beer is very expensive.

3.  El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, France (St Jean Pied de Port) to Spain (Santiago).

Distance – 800 km (40 days).  Sleeping – a variety of options (most involve red wine).  Reasons to go – a) A spiritual journey.  b) Wine and good food.  Reasons not to go – a) It is a very, very long way.  b)  It is a very, very long way.

Do share if you have a long distance walk that you have always wanted to complete 🙂