By: Blonde Two

August, as it turns out, has been as busy as July. I seem to have spent most of it either floating in cold water (sea and moor) or driving up and down the north/south motorways (please understand here that by ‘driving’ I mean reading the map and trying to be generally useful whilst Mr B2 or B1 do the driving). This summer I have travelled these roads to Scotland, to the Peak District, to Up-North and to a mystery destination which I may or may not reveal at a later date.

Not driving so much gives one plenty of time to ponder such important issues as the design of central reservations, the mystery ‘bike lane’ on the M5 Avon bridge near Bristol (definitely not a bike lane but certainly a mystery) and the lack of yellow vehicles on today’s roads (yellow vehicles mean that you get a sweetie!)

My favourite pondering consists of allocating points to motorway services. The M5 Gloucester Westmorland Services are by far the highest scoring, with particular merit for the lack of plastic food, the number of hand driers in the loos (10 in the gents) and the best roof planting (grasses and sedums). The Westmorland Services at Tebay on the M6 also deserve a mention for allowing me to order a Cumberland sausage with salad instead of chips, try asking for that at Maccers (that’s Kiwi-speak for McDonald’s). Services can earn negative points as well, for example the presence of a Greggs pie shop or a notice claiming ‘poor drainage’ in the ladies.

Services Loos

I do have a friend (she will probably admit publicly to this) who was once so desperate to go that she relieved herself behind a bush on a busy roundabout. I have to say that I would rather go behind a Dartmoor tor than at most service stations.

Just as well then, that I am heading Dartmoor way with Blonde One today!