By: Blonde One


I was lucky enough to have some new Icebreaker clothing for Christmas and on the tag was the quote “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better” said by Albert Einstein. What a clever man he was! On my recent solo walk I did stop and ‘look deep into nature’. When there is no-one to share a conversation with it is easier to get absorbed by the beauty around you. Every sight was a source of amazement. From the sheep drinking from the partially iced up pool to the piles of haphazard granite rocks. From the multi-coloured lichen to the variety of cloud colours. I’m not sure that Einstein was right in my case about ‘understanding everything better’ but I sure do feel that I appreciate things better. Sometimes I forget to stop and look closely at the things I am surrounded by. I easily become complacent about what is familiar and it’s days like these that remind me to slow down, breathe deeply and take in the beauty around me. Whatever 2014 brings, I will try to make this part of my New Year’s Resolution.

Happy New Year!