By: Blonde Two

It is always lovely to receive a present; but for the Two Blondes, it is even more lovely when we receive a present for our young people. We are happy to say that this happens quite often; last week, it happened in the form of a food parcel.


Some of you will remember that back in August, I wrote a blog post about one of my camp-eating experiments, in which I tried to heat up rice alongside a meal from ‘Look What We Found‘. Well, the lovely LWWF folks liked my post and sent a whole box of goodies for our youngsters to enjoy on their recent DofE training expedition.

We had great fun cooking the meals over our campfire; quite easy to do when all you need is some boiling water (in fact the fire was so hot that it nearly melted the tops of the packets).


The sounds of appreciation from happily munching youngsters were testimony to how tasty these meals are.


Here are some of the comments:

It tastes lovely and homely.”

How nice to have real food after two days of expedition food.”

A meatball, I’ve found a meatball.

It’s spicy, but not too spicy.

That made me feel very warm and cosy.

Between us we came to a few conclusions about ‘Look What We Found’ meals at camp. We were unanimous about their tastiness (excellent) but found that a few were a bit too ‘saucy’. Some of us didn’t think that they provided enough calories (specifically carbs) to make an expedition meal on their own. We all agreed that the variety of flavours available would suit most palates, and that they were very easy to cook and eat. All of the youngsters and most of the leaders said that they would buy the meals for future expeditions.

So, a great big thank you to ‘Look What We Found‘ from us and our youngsters. We wish you could have been there to see their smiley faces and hear their happy munching!