By: Blonde Two

Blonde life often echoes family life. In family Blonde Two we never manage to have a pair of binoculars to hand when we need to: a) Look at a mountain instead of climb it. b) Spot our house from Haytor. c) Spy on people. The binoculars, it seems, are always ‘in the car’; unless of course we are in the car, in which case they are ‘at home’.

The Two Blondes’ Binoculars (try saying that after a pint of Jail Ale!) behave in a similar way. We usually both have them for team spotting at the Ten Tors finish, but don’t manage to be that Dartmoor organised at any other time of the year.

However, on day one of last week’s Gold DofE expedition, we realised that Blonde Telepathy had been working well. Both-Blonde-Binoculars were in Both-Blonde-Bags! This was great news as it meant that we could: a) Watch our team and their orange rucksack covers from afar. b) Work out that Dartmoor brown soil and orange plastic was not our teams. c) Not argue about who’s turn it was to do looking.Blonde BinocularsSo found a spot on Beardown Tor where we could see a big section of Gold route, hunkered down out of the wind, and had a very nice time looking at Dartmoor. Most satisfying!