By: Blonde One

Twelfth Night is traditionally the night when servants are allowed to rule the house and generally would cause chaos with pranks and practical jokes – hence the name ‘Lord of Misrule’. These days Twelfth Night is the day when Christmas decorations are taken down to avoid bad luck. The Two Blondes are ahead of the game (as usual) and have been up to the Dartmoor Christmas tree to remove the decorations and clear up any mess left by bits of tinsel etc. The tree did look pretty with all its sparkly baubles but I have to admit that it is much better in all its natural glory! We did a very thorough job cleaning up and the area is much tidier than when we originally put decorations on it, except for one small decoration that was too high up for us! If you are taller than us and happen to visit the tree please could you take down the last piece for us. Thanks!

Cleaning up litter is very important to the Two Blondes and we always make sure that we pass this message on to any children that we take out. A litter sweep is always done after a camp and we generally leave an area with less litter than when we arrived. I have a personal rule that if you can find a tree that grows your item of litter then you can leave it underneath that tree. For instance, if you can find a banana tree on Dartmoor then you can leave your banana skin underneath it! So if ever you find a group of kids looking for a Curly Wurly tree then it’s a fairly good guess that they belong to us!