By: Blonde Two

Getting lost is not something that really happens; most of the time, you just don’t know where you are. The feeling of being lost though, can seem very real. It is scary, the landscape and your thoughts conspire to crowd in on you, and you can taste a hint of panic on your tongue.

When you are out on the hills, this lost feeling can be counteracted by a utilising a ratio of about 5% intuition and 95% rule following. Follow the rules:- trust your compass, go back to a known point, head for a catching feature, set up camp if necessary; but make sure that you give your intuition a little bit of space too, there is a reason we were given it!

2014 has been a strange year for this Blonde. We will talk about the highs and lows in our “2014 Blog of The Year” on New Year’s Eve, but I would like to say something first.

There was a point this year, when I was truly and utterly lost. My life, my goals and my values had all been turned upside down. The feeling lasted for longer than I thought it would, but now I am found again.

For once it didn’t take a map and a compass to guide me out of the mist. It took a small and select group of people. I am not going to name you; but if you put up with me crying every time you saw me, if you sat down and helped me to plan my new future, if you came to find me just to give me a hug, if you rolled over and cuddled me in the middle of the night, if you were at the end of the phone when I needed you, if you gave me sage advice via the medium of text or email … then I am talking to you. There are a few times in life when a map and compass just aren’t enough. Thank you! X