By: Blonde One

You are beginning to get to know the Two Blondes quite well by now and it is becoming more and more tricky to hide away any of our weaknesses and quirky habits. It is most definitely common knowledge that Blonde Two is infinitely better at all things technology than me. She has been very patient as I struggle to get to grips with websites and Twitter, she has given me countless lessons on uploading photos and has refined the art of not using ‘too many words’ when talking to me about techy stuff! Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a technophobe. I try to get involved in things that keep me in the 21st century. My latest project is to get to grips with digital mapping. I’m finding it difficult choosing between all the different options as they all have their merits. (I probably should mention here that I have enlisted the help of two of my Gold DofEers with this project!)

Like I say, I try to embrace new technology in an effort to not get left behind and Thursday night was no exception. I am a big fan of Shakespeare and was very excited to hear that there was to be a live stream to 600 cinemas of a performance of Othello (my favourite) from the National Theatre, London. I confess to not knowing how this is even possible but I was very excited to be part of it. It worked beautifully and I almost felt as if I was at the theatre. It was all very clever! I have been congratulating myself ever since that I am able to use phrases like ‘live stream’ and actually sound as if I know what it all means. I even started to convince myself that I could converse with others about computer/digital/techy things.

It didn’t take long to be brought back down to earth though as my lovely daughter, Little Miss Blonde, reminded me that before we went into the cinema on Thursday I couldn’t work the parking ticket machine and two men had to come and help me!!! Embarrassing!