By: Blonde One

There have been many occasions in the past when I’ve walked on Dartmoor on my own. The feeling of solitude and peace is almost overwhelming. If ever there was a cure for feeling fed up of the hustle and bustle of life or the office madness, then a solitary walk on Dartmoor is it! It’s very easy on Dartmoor to feel like you’re a million miles from any other human contact, whilst actually being quite close to civilisation. The wind will blow away the firmest of cobwebs, the views will cure the worst headache and the peace will quieten the loudest noises from urban life.

Having said all of that, tomorrow I am walking with my favourite walking companion and I know that the walk will be amazing, I will laugh a lot, it will probably rain but I won’t mind a bit and I will be so glad that it is not a solitary walk!