By: Blonde Two

It was hot, hot, hot on our recent Gold DofE expedition. Our team did remarkably well considering the amount of sweat they were producing and the quantities of water they were having to consume in order to replace that sweat.

Of course Blondes never sweat, perspire or glow; but even so, we do like to wash our clothes every now and again. Which gave us the perfect opportunity to try out our new travel washing bag from Scrubba. These washing missions were very successful. Here’s ‘how to Scrubba’ the Blonde way:

  1. You will need a Scrubba wash bag, dirty clothes (you could use clean but that would be silly), some soap (only eco friendly please) and a river (this is Hoar Oak Water, but other natural water sources are available).Scrubba Prep
  2. Put some river (just water) into your Scrubba (there is a handy fill line) and then add the other ‘ingredients’.
  3. Use the little valve to squeeze all of the air (and some fun bubbles) out of your Scrubba.Scrubba Air
  4. Scrubba away, rubbing your clothes onto the rough surface inside the Scrubba, for as long as you want. It is compulsory at this point, to loudly sing a song with the word ‘river’ in the lyrics.
  5. Tip out the water and observe how dirty it is (a good sign).
  6. Add some more river and rinse your clothes.Scrubba Results
  7. Have a very satisfying time hanging your newly clean washing somewhere that you wouldn’t usually hang washing.

When we first introduced the Scrubba to you, some of you weren’t convinced that it was a good idea. We Blondes can confirm now, that this definitely is a product worth considering. You could try the process with a normal dry bag, but it would need to have an air release valve (otherwise it is a bit like washing your clothes inside a balloon) and I was surprised by how effective the rough scrubbing surface was. The only item I didn’t scrub was my underwired bra, as it is a tricky shape (you can probably guess the shape). Instead, I used the Scrubba as a washing bucket and did it that way.

At £41.95 the Scrubba isn’t necessarily a cheap laundry option, but if we hadn’t been sent one to review, I would now definitely consider buying one. It was fun, you can use the bag to store dirty laundry in between washes and the results were a pair of very clean and tidy (well nearly) looking Blondes.