By: Blonde Two

Today I have decided to be a Blonde-Bike-Follower.  I am off up to Dartmoor hoping to spot Mr Blonde Two pedal past in the midst of 3,200 the other knackered sweaty cyclists who are also taking part in the Dartmoor Classic CycloSportive.

I don’t think my chances of finding the right lycra clad bottom to cheer are high but I will have fun trying and it is a great excuse to head up to Dartmoor on what looks like it is going to be a lovely day (I have planned a cunning traffic avoidance route).  In order to increase my chances of delivering accurately placed encouragement, I have written a route card (you might recall that we Blondes love doing this).  If my calculations are correct then I should manage to be on the right part of Dartmoor at the right time.  If not, then I get to watch an awful lot of shapely lycra clad bottoms cycle past me.  This has to be a win, win situation!