By: Blonde Two

Something exciting is happening to Dartmoor this week (as well as our Blonde Bimble on Saturday).  Lots and lots of people will be gathering at and around Haytor to watch the finish of the Devon leg of the Tour of Britain.

I am not particularly fond of cycling myself.  Mr Blonde Two is very good at it and cycles up lots of hills every day.  I used to be quite good at it and when Not-At-All-Blonde was a little girl, she was often seen on the back of my bike wearing a bright pink far-to-big helmet.  This was all quite impressive when you consider that we lived in Malvern (famed for its hills) at the time.  I am not sure what happened, but I do know that, these days, I prefer boots to wheels.

I have however discovered that there is a lot that a Blonde can find to enjoy in the activity of cycling without actually having to get a numb bum herself.  Just let’s say that again … numb bum … rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

For a start (and why not get right to the point) there is the lycra.  If a chap has cycled anywhere on Dartmoor (sorry ladies but I am not interested in your lycra), then it is likely that he will fill his lycra in a rather, shall we say, pleasing way.  I am, let us make it clear, talking about bottoms here rather than any other type of lycra filling.  Foxtor Cafe at the weekend is a great place to be if you want to view lycra.  Particularly as much of it is just at Blonde eye level whilst we enjoy our coffee.

If you can’t get your fix of lycra on the moors themselves, may I recommend that you try watching some Tour Of Britain highlights.  There is an awful lot of extremely well filled and colourful lycra!  Not only that but I have discovered (through bottom watching) that cycling races are impressive, tactical and very exciting.  I have know idea whatsoever why they don’t all knock each other off or end up under the wheels of the many support vehicles but watching a whole pack of blokes bear down on the little group in front even gets me to the edge of my seat (well I sit up a bit!)

The Two Blondes can’t make it up to Dartmoor on Friday but are sending Mr Blonde Two, our roving cycling reporter as our representative.  I would have liked to have seen it all but it is probably just as well that I can’t go.  Last year, someone wrote messages in paint all over our lovely Dartmoor roads – I am not sure I would have been able to let that one go without a few stern, Blonde words!