By: Blonde Two

I have been talking with some young people recently about motivation.  We have been discussing what motivates them best, the carrot or the stick.  The group seemed to prefer persuasion (mostly because “carrots taste better than sticks”) but came up with some pretty scary sounding sticks.

It is clear that Dartmoor motivates the Two Blondes and, while slogging up hills in the rain and getting lost in the mist are not everyone’s idea of a carrot, it definitely does the carrot thing for us.

Dartmoor hasn’t always been orange and pointy.  Parts of it have a reputation for being a dark and cruel stick.  Prisoners have been marched across it to incarceration behind the distinctively unforgiving walls of the prison in Princetown.  I am not sure how many were allowed out again but I am guessing that, much as we love Princetown, most of the prisoners were keen not to be sent back there again.

Princetown’s reputation is wide spread but how many of you know about the prison at Lydford where they had a fearsome reputation for hanging suspects and then trying them afterwards?  Imagine that … “Not Guilty M’Lord” … “Set the prisoner free” … Maybe the youngsters were right and carrots are the best way after all!

For more information on “Lydford Law” – see the fantastic “Legendary Dartmoor” website