By: Blonde Two

The first time Mr Blonde Two and I visited the wonderful Cairngorm National Park (and it truly is full of wonder), we made a momentous discovery.

We didn’t discover airy mountains and rushy glens (somebody else had already found them); no, we discovered the macaroni pie.

Last Sunday Mr B2 cycled 112 miles around Dartmoor (that’s all the way round). Being the lovely wife that I am (and keen to find an excuse to eat pasta) I cooked him macaroni cheese to celebrate his return.


Macaroni cheese, in my opinion, is the very best post-silly-level-of-exercise food that can be eaten. There is something about that combination of too many carbs, and silky cheese sauce (I make a good one), that satisfies the emptiest of stomachs.

Imagine then, a macaroni cheese that you can take with you on your walk. You don’t need to imagine it, those clever Scots did it for you ages ago; they invented the macaroni pie. Its simple really, make a pastry case, make a macaroni cheese, then combine the two!

I might have to have a go soon, but I probably should do some silly exercise first!