By: Blonde Two

This Blonde has been quietly tearing her lovely Blonde locks out today.  Our young leaders plus us Two Blondes have spend a lot of time putting detail into our plans for this Saturday’s Ten Tors training walk.  I chose a part of the moor that is relatively new to us, we have written routes, had meetings, shown the newbies how to mark their routes out on the map, written a convoluted plan for adult deployment and sent numerous bits of paperwork to very nearly all of the right people and places.

The issue, of course, is the weather – when is it not on Dartmoor?  We thought we were well organised for all weather options having also written extra “rainy day” and “snowy day” routes.  You would imagine that all of this Super-Blonde over-organisation would have covered any eventuality but, once again, I fear that Dartmoor is making sure that she shows us who is boss.  We have a little Blonde issue on our hands because we have failed (how remiss of us!) to write the route that says “galey, snowy, thundery and lightningy day” on it.

If you think that this sounds a little over obsessive, you would be right but also wrong. When I struggled to stand up in the work car park at nearly sea level yesterday morning, I decided to start monitoring the weather forecast for Saturday.  Unless my met office translation powers have left me, I am certain that, as the day progressed, I saw gales, snow, thunder and lightning all predicted at around lunchtime when we are supposed to be gathering our youngsters together at the highest point of the walk.

So once again, the Two Blondes will be resorting to Plan Z.  Stop the Dartmoor world somebody, I think I might want to get off!