By: Blonde Two

Since getting to know my new bunch of outdoor swimming friends I have realised that most of us have quirky little sea related phobias. Mine is jellyfish, I will be wearing many more swimming clothes once they appear in the summer, but other people’s fears (all of which make perfect sense to me) include seals, feathers and seaweed.

I don’t really like swimming through seaweed. I remember well summer swims with my Guernsey cousins and their friends when I had to stifle panic at finding myself mid sea forest as we explored the shores. In recent months, however I have realised how beautiful and varied seaweed is. If you find the right rocky area, swimming through seaweed is like exploring a slightly overgrown formal garden. The plant life is diverse as is the fauna.

On Sunday morning I was supposed to be joining some friends on a training sea swim but we were all so tempted by the clarity of the water and the below depths sea garden that we spent a very happy 40 minutes or so exploring. It was wonderful to see the viridescent sea lettuce floating carelessly past the feathery upright fronds of (name unknown) and over the solid opaque bubbles of (name also unknown). I also spotted some seagrass, which looks like grass growing out of the sand and sea spaghetti (also called thong weed but not recommended for such purposes).

As you can see I have a lot to learn about seaweed (I have found out that they are algae) but I am definitely making friends with it. I even took a little bit home for breakfast but that is a story for another blog post!