By: Blonde Two

Malvern does “rock” but that is not what I mean in the title.  I talk a lot about Dartmoor Tors so I thought I would mention some other rocks that have influenced my life.

My first memories of the Malvern Hills are of lunchtimes at infant school.  Our school was at the foot of North Hill (one end of the ridge) and you just had to cross the road and you were there, playing on the Malvern Hills.  So we did; on fine lunch times, we were allowed to run around and play on the rocks.  We had a particular rock that we loved – affectionately known as “The Flattie”.  This rock was smooth and sloping and we could slide or if you were particularly brave (I wasn’t) roll down it.  If you were in top class you could go and see the teacher and ask if you could “go round the corner” – this took you to an area of quarry and another rock “The Biggie” over which you were allowed to scramble to your heart’s content.  These rocks have, of course, all now shrunk but they used to be huge!

Nowadays this would all be some kind of risk assessment nightmare and the suggestion would never get past the paperwork pile.  The words, “I am just taking the children to play in the quarry” would probably make the local news.  To have had that kind of mini adventure every day was a privilege in a way that a small girl in a navy beret (not at lunchtime) could never have understood.  But a tall Blonde with her own grown up children  does understand and hopes that her family grew up with adventure in their lives and that she is doing the same in some small way for the young people with whom she walks and camps on Dartmoor.