By: Blonde Two

Dartmoor, like ogres and onions, has layers.

In fact for me, the charm is in the layers and I am not talking about rock here (although the geology is fascinating). No, on Dartmoor, what charms me most is the impact that man (and maybe woman) has had on the landscape.


In our time of shrinking countryside, it is perhaps a relief to think that a landscape can be ‘used’ (and I mean this to sound derogatory) yet still, in the end be beautiful. I read a while back that modern houses are only built to last eighty years; maybe one day our housing estates will crumble and nature will again take full rein.




If you sit atop most Dartmoor tors, you will see arrayed before you, layers of man’s impact. A tinners’ hut, a leat, a stone row, ponies, the lack of forest. To me, these are all things of beauty, they are all part of the wonder and interest of Dartmoor. We have, some would suggest, already ruined this natural landscape; but surely we have also helped to save it?

holwell-quarryThis weekend’s wander with Mr B2 proved my point, I had some things of beauty that I wanted to show him, every single one was man made.